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I'm a displaced art student and an avid dweller in fandom. Though my fandom interests do change occasionally, right now I will mostly be drawing Homestuck and Ninja Turtles, with occasional escapades into Fullmetal Alchemist.

I tag literally everything.
"Evarts", "Eva doodles", art tags.
"Eva blogs", "Evasks", "Eva replies", non-art tags.
"Karkat Time" for Karkat Time doodles.

My main blog is evapples
I am rauthaz on deviantART
You can contact me on AIM or Skype under the username 'evazuline'
My askbox is always open!

Asker ketolic Asks:
Ice type!!
rauthaz rauthaz Said:

Glaceon is my favorite primary ice type. c:

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